It's time for The Shade Room and Revolt TV to join forces

For a long time B.E.T has championed black entertainment as the name suggests, but over the last few years I’ve questioned their motives to further push the black narrative in a mainstream arena.

Firstly they had that moment when the #Beyhive had to check Karrueche Tran after reading a scripted joke live on air about Blue Ivy’s hair at the VMA awards.

Most recently they tweeted a diss to Nicki Minaj after Cardi B won a Grammy

 — ‘Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj is being dragged by her lacefront’- BET

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 16.28.24.png

Now I’m here for a bit of shade, clickbait, whit and clever marketing but since when did we start dragging our Black celebrities?

Nonetheless B.E.T’s messiness formed a great idea— Why don’t The Shade Room and Revolt partner up?

This idea might sound very random, but I think it could be one of the biggest partnerships in Black American Media/Entertainment. The Shade Room like it or not has become somewhat of a Mecca for Black celebrity news, whether it be by spilling the tea on celebrity activities or spreading the gospel with #TSRMorningMotivation they keep us posted.

I’ve read numerous articles and interviews on The Shade Room founder Angelica Nwandu where she expresses her desire to produce content. In an interview with Paper Mag Angelica speaks on the importance of production and programming similar to companies like Vice.

Vice Media is a Canadian digital media and broadcasting company which is valued at $5.7 Billion (according to Forbes) Co- founder Shane Smith headed Vice’s TV move and has demonstrated the value and success of a content partnership. In 2013 Vice partnered with HBO and have since won Emmy’s and GLAAD Media awards.

Despite a few attempts at production I don’t think The Shade Room have yet to hit the nail on the head with producing content — this could be due to budgeting and resources. Production is not cheap, to produce regular engaging content is expensive but can be very lucrative long term.

Here’s where Revolt enters the conversation, as many know Revolt is owned by mogul and leader of the #BlackExcellence movement P Diddy / Puffy. Many have spoken on how Revolt hasn’t been as great of a success as many had hoped.

Running a Television network is not easy and trying to get the attention of the 18–30 market who are always on their phone is harder.

Revolt are beginning to emerge with the partnership with Joe Budden with his show ‘State of the culture’ which features Remy Ma, Jinx and Scotty Beam. However more is needed to be done!

The light bulb moment is here!

The two brands are a match made in heaven and will compliment each other so seamlessly, Revolt needs the 18–30 demographic of young black people which The Shade Room has and Revolt has the resources and man power that The Shade Room needs to produce. Let’s not forget Revolt is a TV network, that’s major exposure for The Shade Room, covering online and offline media.

If Puff and Angelia collaborate we could be in for the next revolution in Black American Media/News.