why I’m bored of all the dance and rap challenge videos — it’s time to ‘up di budget’

I don’t know if your like me but I’m getting a little bit bored of all the rap and dance challenge videos after an artist has a release.

Don’t get me wrong sometimes I do enjoy these challenges and it’s does help artists spread their music but I think it can be a bit lazy.

After Shiggy started the ‘In My Feelings’ challenge for his love of the Drake hit, it seems every rapper has created some kind of challenge to push their release.

City Girls started the ‘Twerk’ challenge for their song with Cardi B, Lil Wayne with the Uproar challenge and most recently Casanova with 2am Challenge.

As I said I’m not completely against all these challenges, heck with the City Girls challenge $25,000 was up for grabs who wouldn’t twerk! …. and we got the 2018 word of the year ‘flewed’.

My thing is where’s the creativity, in the 90s their was no internet and artist we’re still marketing and selling millions of records.

I think artists and their teams need to start doing things a little bit more out of the box, let’s take Casanova for example with the 2am Challenge. If I was in his camp I would link the fact that he grew up in the streets and that the video depicts moments in Nigerian street culture. I would base the marketing around the culture of the artist involved.

All three artist are from different countries Davido is Nigerian, Casanova is American and Tory Lanez is Canadian.

Casanova could have done a video release party in each of these countries to create some buzz around the songs. Giving fans from each country the opportunity to watch the video exclusively before its debut on Youtube. Alternatively if he wanted to focus more in the digital space he could have collaborated with influencers from the respective countries and/or built content around it which shows what he’s learnt from these countries.

From what it seems Casanova is quite into Nigerian, Yoruba culture, he’s renamed himself Oluwacasanova, wore Agbada around New York and danced Shaku at the Roc Nation Brunch.


Content wise he could have shown getting fitted for the Agbada or showed the people who taught him how to Shaku.

These small touches can all fit nicely into a well thought out marketing campaign, it shows his existing fans that he’s experiencing different cultures and draws in new fans from these culture.

If you look at Casanova’s Instagram when he posted a picture in his Agbada an array of Nigerian’s flocked to his comments posting the flag or showing their appreciation.

In fact his Instagram likes on that picture were more than any other post. His average post gets around 10,000–15,000 likes whereas the photo in the Agbada gained closed to 81,000. If I had the opportunity to look into his insight I’m sure all the post where he shows love to Nigerian culture have the highest engagement.

It’s 2019 and I’m ready to see some fresh marketing ideas and campaigns going, so far I’ve liked Offset’s marketing roll out. His given fans a scope into his personal life with a documentary that features Cardi’s childbirth which makes sense being that the album is based around him being a father of 4. He also announced a free show in New York for his day one fans and I’m staying posted to see what he does next.


To conclude I would just say it’s time for artist / labels to ‘up di budget’ (Jess woo voice) on marketing campaigns and do something different.