Why is Trina not in tech? Shopify make it happen.

If you’re a fan of Hip Hop you’ll undoubtedly know Hip Hop veteran and Miami native Trina, 20 years in and she’s still killing it .

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One of the things that stands out to me the most about Trina is her willingness to support others, almost all the female rappers that have come out in the last ten years have spoken on how good of a person Trina is — whether she’s done a feature with them or just supported them in general.

Recently Nicki Minaj spoke highly of Trina on her Beats 1 show Queen radio and said Trina was one of the first mainstream rappers to acknowledge her and do a feature with her and she would never disrespect Trina because of that love shown.

As well as Nicki several other artist have also spoken on how much Trina has showed them love, emerging artist and fellow Miami artist Young Miami of the City Girls always shouts Trina out, calling Trina her God Mum.

Of the top of my head I can name several other artist who have spoken highly of Trina including Molly BrazyKash Doll, Brittney TaylorBrianna PerryTokyo JetzK Michelle who have all expressed their love and admiration for Trina, it’s rare that you hear about an artist that shows this much love to people, aside from Monica I think. Monica is cool with everybody it seems.

After thinking about how much Trina supports women it made me really think why isn’t she cashing out on this, yes it’s good to help others but a coin is a coin!

Here’s where Shopify comes in, they are one of the most supportive platforms for budding entrepreneurs. On their blog they coach entrepreneurs on how to better their e-commerce platforms and target their customers in an immersive way.

I thought why doesn’t the Miami vet collaborate with a platform like this to build an online market place for female entrepreneurs.

Trina could run a platform where she allows female entrepreneurs to sell their products from her site and then takes a cut from sales. Being that Trina is already a household name, her brand is already a massive platform so marketing to gain customers initially shouldn’t be a problem.

A business concept like this would allow Trina to continue to support women and it ties nicely into Shopify’s ethos.