Can we get a tour or something? Burna Boy, WizKid, Afro B and Davido it’s time to get together and run Afrobeats like 90s Hip Hop.

If you’re in New York right now and listening to the radio you will definitely hear the sounds of Burna Boy, Afro B, WizKid and Davido. The craziest part is you’re not hearing them on a late at night specialist show, it’s in the day time on mainstream radio stations like Hot 97 and Power 105. To top it off the tracks are getting playlisted too. This is major!

Although though the singles are almost a year old if not a year plus and have been successful already across Africa and Europe, the American market is important. In music industry the American charts control everything, I think mostly because America is where all the major labels were set up.

For an American artist If a song blows up in America you overnight become an international star. In the case of artist such as Wizkid, Davido and Burna Boy they were already international stars. Since their early releases they’ve been touring around the world and shutting down major stadiums. Most recently Davido and Wizkid sold out one of London’s biggest venues, The O2 arena which has a 20,000 capacity. Selling out a venue that’s 20,000 capacity is a similar venue size to what an A-list American artist like Nicki Minaj, Future or Pharrell would sell out.

At different stages Burna Boy, Wizkid, Afro B and Davido noticed how their songs were picking up in America and started doing press runs and tours to extend the life of the singles. My only issue is why are they not collaborating and I don’t necessarily mean music wise. The only way to push the scene to higher heights is if you work together. No man is an island, granted Wizkid is not on a promo run at the moment, I actually think he’s in album mode or working on his next big single. However Davido, Afro B and Burna Boy are definitely in US grind mode. I think Davido has literally been interviewed on every mainstream music platform, Burna Boy has only done Beats 1 with Ebro and Afro B has done Hot 97 and Beats 1.

They should be coming together to do club appearances, tours and appearing at each other’s press events, this is the strategy that took Hip Hop off the corner and into the mainstream. As much as people say Hip Hop is a sport, the unity of the game is what kept the scene alive and allowed it to grow. In order for their to be ownership and strength in Afrobeats they have to take it to that next level.

Ruff Ryders collaboration tour with Cash Money, in the early 2000’s and end of the 90’s rap artist were collaborating to tape into each others fan bases and grow the genre.

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Of the three artist Davido has a bigger platform, in my opinion he should be using his voice to elevate Burna and Afro B. He’s spoken so much about unity in scene, so Davido it’s time to get to work.

No more talk, it’s time for action.

Davido mentions Burna Boy as next up and how the scene needs collaboration.

Being that he’s touring America and doing press why not get Burna Boy to be a special guest and bring him out in a set? Or Afro B why not bring him with you to interviews and introduce him to the host and staff at the mainstream interviews you’re doing?

I think previously the biggest issue for African artist is once they sign to a major label they believe they have to chase the American market which doesn’t work, logically it doesn’t make sense either. Why would American’s want to hear an African sounding version of what they already have.

Authenticity is key in music, being you is your selling point, once Davido tapped into this everything started falling in place and his single ‘Fall’ and ‘If’ were playing in all the clubs in New York.

Similarly with Wizkid although his single with Drake did well his singles like Ojuelegba and Soco is what captivated people.

Soco was one of the biggest Afrobeats songs of 2018, everybody around the world was Shakuing!

Nevertheless I am so glad to see the direction that Afrobeats is heading in and Wiz we’re waiting!