Why I think Ms Banks should try a new sound.

I really like Ms Banks’ aura she seems like a genuine and cool person, when it comes to rap for me to like an artist and be engaged with their releases I have to connect to their personality first.


My liking for Ms Banks might also be because she’s from South London and so am I, I think South makes you a bit more bossy, it adds an edge to you.

Nevertheless as much as I like Ms Banks I find her sound slightly confusing, her music and flow often changes. Although this isn’t always a bad thing for me personally it’s hard to really get an understanding of her lane.

Last year I was excited to hear her EP but I didn’t feel like the songs meshed cohesively. For years I’ve been saying I think Ms Banks should use more of an Afrobeat bounce in her music. I think her sleek and sharp way of rapping mixed with an Afrobeat bounce would kill it. Being that she grew up in South East London (which is a mecca of people with African decedent) and has African parents from two different parts of the continent her beat choices could be so experimental.

I’m not by any means saying she start adding Pidgin English, Luganda or Yoruba in her verses but I think choosing beats that have a Afrobeats groove well align her fans better. Music is about a feeling, invoking a feeling in your fans, that’s what separates artists and creates longevity. Similar to business artist have to have a USP, there’s so many layers to Ms Banks as a person and that’s what she should be selling us. Plus with the way the music industry is set up your always one song away from making it big — why not try something new that already sits with your music?

For her most recent single ‘Snack’ she enlisted Afrobeats artist Kida Kudz to feature and although he does bring an African flavour to the track I don’t think the song full communicates an Afrobeat sound. Snack is a good but imagine if Lekaa Beats or Bayoz Muzik worked on it and touched it up.

Bayoz Muzik and Lekaa Beats are two producers who have a good awareness of mixing the South London sound with Afrobeats. Lekka Beats has collaborated with Sneakbo a lot over the years and these singles have gone on to be some of Sneakbo’s biggest hits

Similar to Lekka Beats, Bayoz Muzik produced Mologo’s biggest hit to date ‘The Baddest’ and mixed it with the sounds of South London legend Giggs to amplify the song.

I thought Jae 5 would be a good producer for Ms Banks to work with because of his ability to make us dance and to fuse sounds. Jae 5 has produced multiple hits and often works with NSG and J Hus who all dabble with the Afrobeat bounce but don’t fully align with the genre and maintain a UK sound.

Now is the perfect time for Ms Banks to experiment with new beats, Afrobeats is being accepted on a mainstream level and her recent song ‘Snack’ introduced the sound to her fans.

I could be wrong, but I really believe if Ms Banks worked with those producers she could have a summer smash on her hands.